Station BR-GS-01

Yonkers - Grassy Sprain Brook

The Grassy Sprain Brook is a tributary of the Bronx River, and joins the Bronx River at the border of Yonkers and Bronxville. This sampling site is located adjacent to the Sprain Brook Parkway, just north of the intersection of Palmer and Millard Avenues. Access is possible by walking down a short wooded slope to the riverbank - caution is required as the bank is steep.

LO: 40.94240600
LA: -73.84534100

   Air temperature [ºC]       | 
   Dissolved oxygen [mg/L]       | 
   Enterococcus [MPN/100mL]       | 
   Precipitation [in]       | 
   Phosphate [ppm]       | 
   Chlorine [mg/L]       | 

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