Station BR-01

233rd Street & Bronx Blvd

The sites listed as BR1 are sampling sites used by the New York City Department Of Environmental Protection. The sites correlate to existing Bronx River sites sampled by others presently and in the past. BR 5 is Soundview, mid channel , at the mouth of the Bronx River, BR 3 is Concrete Plant Park, And BR 1 is Muskrat Cove. For more information about those sites, please visit the correllary Bronx River sites. The data listed is taken from their website as is data from other harbor sampling sites.

LO: 40.89539973
LA: -73.86211597

   Air temperature [ºC]       | 
   Algal bloom       | 
   Conductivity [μS/cm]       | 
   Dissolved oxygen [mg/L]       | 
   Enterococcus [MPN/100mL]       | 
   Phosphate [ppm]       | 
   Chlorine [mg/L]       | 

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