Station SWS-15

Concrete Plant Park

A deep water tidal site, the river can be accessed from the bulkhead for deep water sampling ( as deep as 14 feet) or from the canoe launch for bucket throw. The site also has a limited salt marsh, and a natural shoreline to the north. The area is frequented by fisherman and Bluefish, Menhaden and snapper can be seen being caught depending on the season. There are no bathrooms but there are water fountains

LO: 40.82450100
LA: -73.88511500

   Air temperature [ºC]       | 
   Algal bloom       | 
   Conductivity [μS/cm]       | 
   Dissolved oxygen [mg/L]       | 
   Enterococcus [MPN/100mL]       | 
   Phosphate [ppm]       | 
   Chlorine [mg/L]       | 

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