Station BR-WC-08

Valhalla/Mount Pleasant - Pat Henry Field

This site is situated on a natural S-curve in the Bronx River. The dense woodland on each river bank at this location is smothered by invasive vines, and pet waste and sediment loading from runoff is a concern here. Access to this site is possible from the edge of the parking lot and walking carefully down the embankment.

LO: 41.06690000
LA: -73.77370000

   Enterococcus [MPN/100mL]       | 
   Air temperature [ºC]       | 
   Algal bloom       | 
   Conductivity [μS/cm]       | 
   Dissolved oxygen [mg/L]       | 
   Phosphate [ppm]       | 
   Chlorine [mg/L]       | 

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