Station SWS-05

East Gun Hill Road

Also known as Fort Knox, this site is mid way around one of the only remaining oxbows on the river. Access fro the west bank is by a couple of rudimentary steps and samples can be taken mid stream by wading. Being more narrow, the velocity of the water is faster than the surrounding sites. Of historical interest, the Baumgarten Gobelin Tapestry works opened on the east bank the early 1890’s and functioned until the early 1900s. On the piling of a former foot bridge in the middle of the river, once stood a statue of a civil war soldier which can be seen at the Bronx Historical Society.

LO: 40.87630000
LA: -73.87020000

   Air temperature [ºC]       | 
   Algal bloom       | 
   Conductivity [μS/cm]       | 
   Dissolved oxygen [mg/L]       | 
   Enterococcus [MPN/100mL]       | 

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